Location, Location, Location …

What are the three most important things in pricing real estate? Location, Location, Location.

Moved this to typepad. Got tired of fussing around with Radio UserLand. While I think it is more powerful software, I got tired of wandering around in the templates, trying to remember what went where. I expect this will be more constrained, in terms of design and programing.

And I am going to miss the outlines.

But, I get in from work at 10:00 PM, and I’ve been in front of computers all day, getting things to run, looking up this, tweaking that, thinking about implementation, … I just want to get something out there, make a little change while I eat dinner, got about an hour before I ought go to bed if I am to have any brain left for tomorrow’s two hour meeting about tech staff-management relationships …

Guess I don’t have much patience left for the getting into the guts of something. Just want to get to it.

Enough. Swore this wouldn’t be one of those awful geek-ey self-referential blogs disecting the ever so cool tricks that make up the blog. Hard not to, though, being a geek from way back.

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