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Web 2.0 and public space – anyone important out there?

Cathy raised this interesting bit, an extract from here, about the powerful people not participating. Or listening, maybe. I don’t know about this “echo chamber thing, but I do know of one VC blogging, and folks like Baruth seem to … Continue reading

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Next Meet-Up at the Williston Rest area?

Went to the blogger meet-up Saturday. Good to put some faces to the blogs I’ve been reading. I didn’t have my camera, nor am I good with names, nor the whole social thing … which may explain why I am … Continue reading

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Eating What Is Avaliable

Some species specialize. The Koala Bear, for example, eats only eucalyptus leaves. This, naturally, restricts their range, their habitat. The Leaf Cutter ants live on a specailzed fungius, a species of Lepiotaceae family. They can live in a broader variety … Continue reading

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Mountains of Monitors

Up at Small Dog today getting a battery for the little apple laptop and ran into their recycling day. Monitors, printers, telephones, a jumbled mountain of electronics out in the parking lot. I’ll bet most of it – well, maybe … Continue reading

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