Ok. Back. One day missed, then another, then … Well, lots of ‘life’ stuff … career issues (Been a while since I’ve sent out a resume. Apparently the notion of acknowledging receipt has died, yet anther common form of politeness that has died) parents health, … but still …

Not for lack of things to write about. Congress caving in to a sham of a “compromise” war funding bill. This so-called compromise reminds me of the parent in the cereal isle at the supermarket, holding up box after box while the two year old screams “No” … till finally the brat gets his sugar pops. I don’t really think of this as ‘negotiation’. Apparently there are some others out there who don’t either. Very appropriate Danziger cartoon at Vermont Daily Briefing

And the issue of socioeconomic integration in the Burlington schools. Can we reconcile the need to share resources equally and keep neighborhood schools that serve as a source of strength for the community? What about starting by addressing the socio-economic segregation that comes from allowing variances so that the “rich” kids from the “poor” neighborhoods can go to the “nice” schools? Ought we not plug this gap first?

What about the fact that were the issue race rather than income, the some of the folks that are saying “not my kid” would be falling all over themselves to support integration, and and the rest would be considered racist? This is a complicated issue. Here are the maps, should you wish to cut through the talk and see what the school district is thinking.

Will have to look at this more. Here is how you can get involved (from the Burlington School District page on the matter)

Informational opportunities:
Sustainable Schools Info Session May 21 6:30 – 7:30 pm Wheeler Elementary
Flynn Center for Performing Arts session 6 pm May 30 at Wheeler Elementary School
Proposal Q and A May 22 Ward 5 NPA
Proposal Q and A June 5 Ward 6 NPA

Public Hearings:
8 am May 22 Champlain Elem Learning Center
7 pm May 29 Flynn Elementary Learning Center
7 pm May 31 Edmunds Elementary School
8:30 am June 4 Barnes Elementary Learning Center
7 pm June 4 Wheeler Elementary Learning Center

Additional input may be provided through email to or through letters sent to Superintendent, Burlington School District, 150 Colchester Avenue, Burlington, VT 05401.
For further information, call 802.865.5332 or visit the Excellence and Equity Home Page.

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