Eating What Is Avaliable

Some species specialize. The Koala Bear, for example, eats only eucalyptus leaves. This, naturally, restricts their range, their habitat. The Leaf Cutter ants live on a specailzed fungius, a species of Lepiotaceae family. They can live in a broader variety of habitats, as they garden this fungus.

Humans, on the other hand, have taken the other tack. We can live pretty much anywhere, partially because we can eat pretty much anything. Any place can be our local habitat because we can pretty well eat local wherever we happen to be living.

One thing about eating local, though, that is a challange is that you have to eat what is avaliable when it is avaliable. And, pretty much eat it till you are sick of it when it comes in, cause there will be a lot of it. Strawberries in the spring, corn in the late summer, squash in the fall. A lot of meat over the winter.

I think that psychologically this is fine. Not only are we well adapted omnivors, we are pretty well adapted to a “feast-or-famine” diet.

The problem is to some degree psycological, cultural. We live in an “always on” society. So, while the strawberries taste better in the spring, we have come to expect that we ought be able to have straweberry shortcake whenever we want. It has been a long time since anyone went to the grocery store and couldn’t get something because it was not in season.

I think one of the biggest challanges facing the budding community of localvores – a community which I think is one of the most important movements in vermont today – is going to be overcoming the the attitude of always avaliable.

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