Late Breaking – Garrison Keillor Will Miss Us Saturday

From a just received email … Saturday night is looking up.

Dear Friends of the IFD,

Don’t spend another Saturday night nursing your broken
heart and thwarted dreams, watching the ants march
across the kitchen counter [while listening to
Prarie Home Companion – ed.] Life is waiting for
you at Euro Gourmet, this Saturday, 9:00. There,
paninis abound, the people are warm and
attractive, and inebriates may be acquired
for a minor fee. As if all that were not
enough, Inner Fire District will be there, playing
their noble accordion, heroic clarinet, morally
authoritative bass, and roguishly lovable
electric guitar. It’s also Tim’s birthday, and if
you don’t come, he’ll have a sad, no-fun birthday.

And I’d hate for you to have that on your conscience.

David Symons

Was a wonderful show last time. See you there?

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