Next Meet-Up at the Williston Rest area?

Went to the blogger meet-up Saturday. Good to put some faces to the blogs I’ve been reading. I didn’t have my camera, nor am I good with names, nor the whole social thing … which may explain why I am writing this rather than being say, a prize winning photo journalist, or even moderately popular. But Stan Cyendom put together a nice write-up with pictures.

The company was interesting, the coffee was good and the wifi was ‘buck in the basket’, one of my favorite funding mechanisms. I would have liked to stay longer, but the kids were getting restless. I left wondering when then next one would be … but not where …

Because Monday, headed to Waterbury, I found the perfect site for our next meetup. The Williston Rest area on I89 (southbound). I stopped at the Williston (southbound). This place is amazing. Beautiful high ceilings, plenty of light, airy. Very nice architecturally. Plenty of free parking, as they say.

And, the coffee! Green mountain coffee roasters … buck in the basket! Not to mention, the wifi is free.

Thanks to the state of Vermont for this wonderful oasis. I am sure I am not the only one who might take a break from the Burlington rat race, the scramble for high speed access, and head out to Williston for an alternative hipster wifi coffeehouse scene.

What do you think, guys?

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  1. Bill Simmon says:

    You name the time and I’m there! Nice meeting you last week.

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