Sport Utility Bicycle

I have been getting a lot of comments, questions about my bicycle. Yes, that is an extention on the back. No, I didn’t build it myself.

It is a kit put together by the folks at Extracycle. They call it a Sport Utility Bicycle, but in my mind, it is more like a station wagon.

My Bike

Back before mini-vans, there were those old nine-seater wagons. My folks had one. Summers it would fill with tents and sleeping bags as they took three boys car camping our way across the US. During the school year, we would drive to the A&P and I would look back in the tailgate over what seemed like acres of brown paper grocery bags. Bench front seat, a lucky one could sit between Mom and Dad. Or read as we drove, hidden away in the ‘way back.’

I started cycling when I moved back to town a couple of years ago. Living right on the bikepath, a mile or two from town, I figured I could make it to work and back, or to the store. But, I would always be needing to carry something – the briefcase for work, have to stop at the store for supper, swim suits for the beach … And so I would grab the car keys instead. I needed that old nine-seater, or at least something along the lines of the modern granola-head Vermont equivalent, my Subary Legacy wagon.

I tried trikes, I tried trailers. Then, down at the Old Spokes Home, I tried one of these. Hardly noticed it was there. Plenty of room. No hitches to deal with. So I had them put one on.

It is great. Now I can treat my bike my car, throw my junk in the back. Stopping at the store, the beach, whatever, no problem. I can toss it back there and haul it. And it can hold quite a bit. Like, for example; a week’s worth of groceries, buckets of carrots in from the farm field, watermelons to the beach picnic, the daughter home from school (although she did ask that I meet her round the corner) and a cinematographer from Toronto, filming our local run of the world naked bike ride. here this summer.

Now, I ride. The thing hauls. And, finally, I have a place on my bike for bumper stickers.


Happy Riding!

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