Web 2.0 and public space – anyone important out there?

Cathy raised this interesting bit, an extract from here, about the powerful people not participating. Or listening, maybe.

I don’t know about this “echo chamber thing, but I do know of one VC blogging, and folks like Baruth seem to be well plugged into both worlds. I even recall an interview with GW, him saying he liked to look at his ranch on “the google thing.”

But it is so hard to get a take on this thing when we know that people seem to clump up sort of naturally.

I mean, I know personally of no one who voted for Bush. But someone must have, and I am sure that if I knew the right contact, had the right social thread to pull on, I could just as easily find myself standing around chit-chatting in a group made up of only those who did.

The danger is, I think, when the public sphere, the common space in which these little circles interlock starts to get lost. The public square gives way to the mall, the library to borders. The bus, the train to the auto, and the village green to the gated community.

When we succeed so well at being safe and private, at surrounding ourselves with what we like, with what is like us, that is when it starts to turn from discussion to disassociated echo chambers. When there are no longer any circumstances in our lives that force us to have an everyday interaction with someone who might not be “like us.”

So does web 2.0 “suck?” The answer comes down to conversation. Does web 2.0 give us the tools that broaden the conversation? Or just a bigger geek box?

Interesting question, interesting link. Lot to chew on here. Thanks, Cathy.

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One Response to Web 2.0 and public space – anyone important out there?

  1. BryanG says:

    Certainly, web 2.0 gives us chances to connect with people we may not necessarily connect with and to share information that was not possible only a few years ago. But these virtual connections can only go so far . . . hence the blogger meetup at radio bean. There is and always will be necessary for that face to face connection that can’t be supplanted by emails, posts, and video. Web 2.0 is still evolving though, were it leads us and the quality of connections is still up in the air but soon enough I don’t think anyone will be able to avoid it’s permutations.

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