Great Writer’s Editor

Just a quick note. I wanted to find a simple, lightweight text editor to compose posts with, one that had a running word count (for school assingments), and a spell check – and not much else.

I found this one, Q10. It is an editor designed for one thing – banging out text. It has no fonts, none of that fancy bullet link format paragraph double spacing stuff. No scrollbars. No hover help.

Just a big black screen – no distractions – and when you type, text appears.

You can save it to a file. Cut and paste. Spell check. Best of all, down the bottom, on the status bar, there is the word count. So, for example, I can tell you that I am on paragraph 3, line 12 (lines of text, not lines on the screen), word 133.

And, it has a timer, so you can set a time goal, keep you from getting lost in those thoughts, or drifting around moodle. (or, for those of you interested, it is a perfect setup to run drills for NaNoWriMo in November – if you don’t know what that is, just ask …)

Now, for those assignment word limits – 500 words, 250 words … who cares? I can just bang out text on this baby till, well, till I’ve said my piece, or … that little word counter down in the corner ticks over.

Nice light executable, so it fits on your flash drive, you will always have your “pen” with you.

Closest thing I’ve found to a typewriter. A writer’s editor. Perfect.

Go to Download it. Start typing (alt-tab to get to your other windows apps, F1 to get the help card) Oh My God, only twenty five more words till I hit the two hundred and fifty word goal for this piece. Oh, yea, you can download a sound file so that this baby even sounds like the typewrite you used to play with in your father’s study when you were a kid.

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