What is Sustainability?

So, I am enrolled in the MBA program at Marlboro Graduate College – Managing for Sustainability. Studying Sustainable Business Practices. A two year program teaching the standard MBA nuts-and-bolts, but built from the ground up with Sustaiability in mind.

What is Sustainability? It means a lot of things to a lot of people. It can mean waste equals food design practices, or it can mean adding Social Responsibility to the mission statement – and then backing up the words with action. It can mean a Triple Bottom Line or Four Capital Accounting. It can mean buying fair trade coffee, a local carrot, or a Prius – or figuring out how to walk there.

It is a broad subject, and over the next two years I hope to be writing here quite a bit about it. I have started a new set of essays over in the sidebar, may add lists of books. Take a look, join the discussion – here or elsewhere.

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