Yes, We Can! – from a back of the envelope calculation type perspective …

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It was great to see everyone at the Sheraton last night, and great to watch the delegates roll in on the big screen.

It was even better to get up at 6:00 to a blanket of new snow, nervously peek at while the coffee was brewing, and see the percentages in California up from the 32% I went to bed with …

I just loved the line “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for”.

And it got me thinking … Vermont is a small state … and we are a pretty lively group … what if we wanted to knock on every door in Vermont?

According to the most recent projections from the US Census, there are 309,557 dwelling units in Vermont. Run that through the 82% occupancy rate from the ‘00 census and you get roughly 253,800 doors to try.

Now, all you GOTV vets know that we target Dems and Independents. But here in Vermont we have the TVI – the True Vermont Independent – who will put a Republican governor in office, but send a Socialist to the US Senate. Go figure. But this means you never know which door a vote might be hiding behind, so we’ll skip the targeting.

Besides, we don’t want anyone to feel left out. Bad for business if word gets around we skipping some folks.

Now our volunteer list here has about 128 people on it. A quick survey of the other VT lists shows that they are smaller, around 50 – 30 folks each. Add ‘em all in, adjust for overlap, and we get, say 175 people. If everyone brings a friend, that goes to 350, maybe pick up some strays and call it 400.

Now, for the big calculation. 253,800 door by 400 people gives us each 634 doors. 634 chances to figure out how to get that get that piece of campaign lit to sick in the screen door with the dog barking, have a great conversation with a new voter, hear stories of elections past, share thoughts & concerns, argue, be told “get out of my dooryard” …

634 doors. That is a lot. But not impossible, in the next four weeks, if we gather some help.

What do think? Willing to give it a go? Imagine all 30 VT delegates for Obama … It could tip the balance. It could send a powerful message: We are the one we are waiting for.

OK, who’s got those voter lists?

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