Bernie’s Amendment – Corporations are not People

Perhaps you have heard – Senator Sanders has introduced an amendment to the constitution to end the farce of corporate citizenship.
Corporations are not people. People are people. The Citizens United decision is the capstone of a long history of corporations assuming rights that are not theirs, starting with the hijacking of the 14th amendment by the robber barons. Democracy is based on one person one vote, not one dollar one vote. Bernie is risking (in his own words) “punishment” by the corporate interests in putting this forward. Let’s stand with him.

Please go to Bernie’s (that would be Senator Sanders … ) website and sign this petition :

Call your representatives and tell them that they need to support this amendment. Let them know that we can fund their campaigns – the fact that this seems laughable shows how much power we’ve given away. Remind them that it is our votes gets them elected (for a little while still, anyways). And pass this around.

I’m off to email Obama; I practically put that guy in office in 2008, he’s not getting another dime from me unless he stands with Bernie on this.

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