Corporate Personhood – Vermont Says “No.”

And so it might take a while to get the Bernie’s constitutional amendment to pass.  you have to go through the house, and the senate.  By a two-thirds majority.  This could take some doing.  And then, the states have to ratify it.  This could take a while.

Or, two thirds of the states could call a Constitutional Convention, out of which could come a bill that, if passed by three fourths of the states, would ammend the constitution.  This has never been done. 

But while we are waiting, once again Vermont will lead the way.  Vermonters Say: Corporations are not people! is organizing to get an item stating such on every town meeting ballot in the state.  There is still time to help.

Public Citizen, Move to Amend and allies are organizing a call for 7 p.m. on Wed., Jan. 4, to talk about the last push on petitions, answer questions, discuss reaching out to your state legislators and talk about Second Anniversary Day of Action activities the week of January 16-20. RSVP here. Call-in Number: (805) 360-1000, Code: 712358#

Burlington City Council has already passed the measure, by a 12-0 vote. 

And, when we get done passing this in Vermont, guess which state is going to lead the call for a constitutional convention?


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