Another Reason for this amendment, or, Vote with Your Dollars

Even if the majority of us felt that passing this amendment was the right thing to do, our voices would be drowned by chorus of corporate dollars gaining access to rooms, people, meetings, and decisions that you and I will never be a part of.

This very fact – that our human voices will be drowned out by the avalanche of bought public opinion paid for by the very corporate interests that this amendment would reign in – is one of the most compelling arguments for it.

And remember – we can play this game as well as they can.

Vote with your dollars. Don’t give any dollar that you don’t absolutely have to to Corporate America. Invest in land, in your community, in your garden. Buy on Main street, even if it costs more. Find new tool at a yardsale and learn how to use it. Go to the library, fix what you have. Buy good food, cook it yourself, share a meal whenever you can. Invite someone new to the table.

Even giving a dollar to a bum is a better bet that giving a dollar to Walmart – odds are much better you will get something back from it someday.

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