This blog started out as  a sporadic collection of essays, observations, commentary and fiction.  I’ve added work from my MBA, and from the various ways I engage in my community.

For some three decades, I lived in the biggest metro in Vermont, raised kids, worked a day job as a statistician and a programmer, and thought of myself as a … well, for now, lets just say a writer that somehow saves the world.

Then, there was the Intervale Community Farm. My involvement there grew, from getting amazing vegetables weekly, and letting the kids run the farm, to harvesting, to being a board member. The ground there was fertile in more ways than one – I realized, for example, that we were practicing a very basic form of alternative capitalism. The ghosts of my studies at the then-new environmental studies program at UVM – the one I dropped out of – awoke, and started dancing in in the fields.

This led to a host of volunteer work – the Farm to Plate initiative, the Burlington Food Council, the Northern Grain Growers Association … and always, feet in the soil of the Intervale, either on the farm or in my community garden plot.  The “somehow saves the world” slowly transformed into working to build community based food systems.

Quite recently, A few years ago some dramatic family events moved me back to the NYC metro area.  Still have the day jobKept the day job for a while, managing a group of statisticians and survey methodologists.  I was lucky my firm had an office – on Wall Street, of all places, so I could make the move and keep the job.

While this was going on, the kids started to, got launched.

And, then, well, I saw this ad looking for a food program manager at a Brooklyn based tech company, hosting “the marketplace we make together,”  a company who’s mission is to “build a lasting and more fulfilling world.”

What is a community based food system but a way to build a lasting and more fulfilling way to feed us all?  My moonlighting experience plus management skills added up to a resume that filled the bill … and after 25 years at the same company, I started a new career, working in food system development.

Should you care to get in touch: otherwill at nohomepress dot com.

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While this blog has migrated several times, the ur-post that got it all started is reproduced below. You’ve seen this – a greasy dollar bill taped up on the wall at the pizza parlor, “Good Luck – Vito” scrawled on it with a marker – well, I guess on a blog, this would be that.

What are you waiting for?

Why does anybody do anything? Several underground streams came together, all hitting some sweet spot today. The actions were this: Taped the sixth obit in eighteen months up on the wall alongside my desk. Charles, this time, wrote ads, over 30 years sober. Stopped by my boss's office with my anti brain collagulation afternoon vending machines sugar fix in hand, and he told me Gibson started blogging again. Was invited to a co-workers house, as they have a TV and I don't, and accepted, saw Bush live for the first time ever, smirking through the debates.

What am I waiting for? Five o'clock to roll around so I can go home? The second divorce to finally be done so I can start slogging out of the financial swamp? Some kind of free time to show up, from where I can't imagine, to write? Never thought it would come to this.

Time to start.

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