The Sustainable MBA

I recently enrolled in graduated from Marlboro College’s MBA program – Managing for Sustainability. The Marlboro MBA is a unique degree that grounds the rigor of a traditional MBA in models of deep sustainability.

A low residency program, we met for classes once a month at the Marlboro College Graduate Center, in Brattleboro Vermont, working independently the rest of the month, supported by a vigorous online community.

This page presents some of the work coming out of that program on various aspects of sustainable business practices – my entrance essay, work on my capstone project, and some book reviews.

Work in the form of blog posts and essays I ported over from the E-Portfolio site, it is integrated with the rest of this blog, tagged with “MBA”.


Entrance Essay: Humility as a Theme in Sustainable Practices

One of the first things we do is develop an Ambit – a focus for our studies over the two year program, an area of expertise. Here is the thinking that led to “Food, Fuel, and Finance”, which led to my capstone work in one aspect of developing community based food systems.

Capstone Project:The Capstone Project is a five credit independent project that synthesizes and applies knowledge from across the curriculum in a practical, real-world setting.

My project “Our Daily Bread – Strategies for Small Grain Production in Vermont”that explored one sector of Vermont’s food system in detail, working from the regional-scale food system level to the detailed level of business models. The project page houses this work.

Book Reviews:
Review of “Capitalism at the Crossroads”
Review of “The Soul of Capitalism”
Review of “How the Other Half Lives”
Review of “Small is Beautiful”
Review of “The Economics of Happiness”
Review of “The Jungle”