Twenty Little Friends

I never thought of myself as an addict till I tried to quit smoking …

So, two weeks into it, and I keep hearing my friend, the one I have been calling when it gets too crazy, (let us just say ‘several’ times a week), I keep hearing him say “you miss your twenty little friends.”

Yea, I do. I have come to love these twenty over the last thirty years. They have seen me through some hard times, quite a few celebrations, and been there to sit and chat with over countless little relaxing moments. Yea, I miss them terribly, often they felt like the only thing I could count on.

These twenty little friends were there … the stop and start of any given task, the punctuation of the days … an ongoing conversation that has set the rhythm of – and at the end, some very constricting bounds around – my days for about as long as I can remember.

These pages are dedicated to them, the old gang. I will miss you.